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Lancaster Bingo Company is headed by dedicated individuals who always seek to increase successful results for our clients. Learn more about our leaders and how they help Make Winning Easy.

Name: Mark A. Sells
Title: CEO
Years With LBC: 35 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: Everything

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: Helping all customers reach the fullest potential.

How I Make Winning Easy: Best technology

Name: Johnathan Smith
Title: President & COO
Years With LBC: 21 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: Working with a great group of people who every day assist charitable organizations raise much needed funds so that they can improve the community in which they live.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: Meeting with customers who were considering closing their bingo game and looking for new or innovative ways to improve their bingo game. Seeing those charities go from struggling to thriving is my proudest moment.

How I Make Winning Easy: By delivering on our promise to provide the highest level of customer service in the charitable gaming industry. With our selection of custom products, a charitable organization can count on buying a product that will work in their market.

Name: Richard L. Frazier
Title: CFO
Years With LBC: 17 years
Region: Ohio

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: We are innovative and the leader in our industry. This requires all of us to be forward thinkers so that we remain a leader.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: At trade shows, we often see our customers really excited about attending and appreciative of our efforts in helping them with their fundraising causes.

How I Make Winning Easy: We offer fundraising coaches for each and every customer and a support staff to make winning easy.

Name: Doid F. McCandlish, Jr.
Title: Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Years With LBC: 32 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: Working with so many different people and building relationships with them, and being able to help them grow themselves and or their organizations.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: Helping the oldest game in Cincinnati become the first game in the state of OHIO to gross a million dollars, triple their income, fund a new football stadium, and become the number one game in the state.

How I Make Winning Easy: By assisting our sales team in providing our customers in all eight states the finest customer service, marketing ideas, and information in the industry. That's when we all WIN.

Name: Pam Harris
Title: Business Operations Manager
Years With LBC: 12 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: My job is very rewarding! I enjoy the variety of projects that I work on across the organization, and the opportunity to further develop relationships with coworkers, vendors, partners and customers. It is exciting to be involved in new opportunities that move our company and the charitable gaming industry forward, and to see the playgrounds we help to build, the fire trucks we help to buy and the scholarship funds we help to support in our community!

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: My job entails working with "internal" customer teams within the organization to introduce, deliver and evaluate services and new offerings for our "external" customers, and to ensure our internal processes are aligned with changes in our business. I am always most proud when, as a team, we accomplish goals that ultimately benefit our customers and our industry. There have been many of these moments!

How I Make Winning Easy: I always try to challenge customers (internal or external) to set goals, put them in writing and then work the plan. Whether it's working on a new project or trying to make a bingo game more successful, just having a vision and committing to a plan makes winning easy and achieving results more probable!

Name: Jenny Clark
Title: Marketing Manager
Years With LBC: 20 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: I love my job as Marketing Manager! It provides a number of challenges and a great variety of projects, which keeps it from getting old and boring. I am particularly proud of a few projects that have been successfully implemented over the past few years.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: In terms of serving customers, my proudest moment at Lancaster Bingo is one from this past year. We created a print campaign to help spread the good news about the good things our customers are doing with the proceeds raised through their charitable gaming efforts. One of the customers we featured (Mt. Healthy Athletic Boosters, located in Cincinnati, OH) in the posters and table tents was so extremely touched by the recognition, tears of joy actually came to his eyes. It was such a proud moment for me to be able to share all of the good things this hardworking non-profit organization was doing on behalf of the students and the community where they are located.

How I Make Winning Easy: As a team, the Marketing Department provides many tools for our customers to assist them in finding ways to make to make winning easy. As competition for players heats up, we (the Marketing team) prepare the best ideas in the charitable gaming industry to help bingo operators and club managers keep loyal players coming back and to attract new players to their game.

Name: Marc DeTomaso
Title: E-Bingo Manager
Years With LBC: 16 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: Aside from really enjoying the people I work with, I find a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment in knowing that we help our customers/charities to be profitable in order for them to in turn help others. Our customers aren't "money hungry corporations." Our customers are everyday people and groups, who are trying their best to help those in need. I feel intense pride in knowing that our products allow children to compete in athletic events that they may not otherwise.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: I am lucky in that my proudest moments are continually able to keep repeating. By simply taking some time to talk to our customers and adding the correct items to charities' games, Lancaster Bingo has been able to help keep charities OPEN and VIABLE so that they are able to continue supporting their communities. More specifically, I attended Catholic Schooling while young, and it always feels especially great when we are able to help a parish, church or school to stay open!

How I Make Winning Easy: My team and I make winning easy by providing user-friendly up-to-date products and services that players love. We also provide complete training for charities and players for both initial installs and all upgrades! We also provide on-site support where allowed by law, as well as direct tech support lines to Lancaster Bingo and our manufacturers. Lancaster Bingo's electronic supplies are affordable, attractive to end users and easy to use.

Name: Kim Hockman
Title: Executive Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager
Years With LBC: 22 years
Region: Ohio

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: I really enjoy working with the different people who make up Lancaster Bingo. I enjoy new and challenging tasks, as well as the day to day routine functions of my job.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: Being able to answer customers' questions, assist them with an issue or direct them quickly to the appropriate Lancaster Bingo staff person to assist them. When they come to the trade show and recognize you, even though you have never met them. They say, "I talked to you on the phone!"

How I Make Winning Easy: With prompt responses to their calls, questions and needs. If I can answer questions, direct their call properly, contact their sales coach or help them place an order quickly and easily, they will be winners!

Name: Nancy Kynion
Title: Customer Service Manager
Years With LBC: 19 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: I enjoy working with our sales team to insure that our customers have what they need to achieve their goals. I love talking with our customers and helping them solve any issue that they might have.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: I am most proud when I hear one of the Customer Service Partners take a frantic call from a customer and are able to calm them down, take care of the problem and have the customer laughing by the end of the call. That is what makes me proud!

How I Make Winning Easy: The customer service team makes winning easy by answering the calls quickly, following up on issues and supporting our sales team, so that they can do what they do best, which is provide the organization the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.

Name: Maureen Ogilvie
Title: Human Resources Manager
Years With LBC: 8 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: I truly enjoy working for Lancaster Bingo Company because I have a passion for supporting non-for-profit organizations and our community. I love working for a company that helps contribute to world around them. I like belonging to a team of teams and working with talented people. I enjoy working for a company that believes people, talent, technology and enthusiasm are key ingredients to success. I am grateful to work for a company that supports and encourages their employees to create, to dream, to grow and to learn every day.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: I am very honored to work for a company that gives so much back to the community. Lancaster Bingo proudly sponsors a number of charitable organizations and fundraising efforts. I am proud to say I work at Lancaster Bingo each time I walk past a ball field, playground, firehouse, food pantry or school because I know the company I work for has helped raise the necessary funds to support these community assets.

How I Make Winning Easy: Lancaster Bingo Company prides itself on making winning easy for organizations and maintaining long-standing personal relationships. We try to treat each customer, employee and vendor as if they are an extended member of our Lancaster Bingo family. That sense of ownership and longevity helps us to understand the importance of each person we interact with on a day-to-day basis. Healthy and productive employees and relationships helps all of us. That is winning to HR!

Name: Connie Packard
Title: Merchandise Director
Years With LBC: 22 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: My biggest joy is my working relationship with all the people at Lancaster Bingo Company. I have found great friends and business partners throughout my years that have made every work day enjoyable.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: My proudest moments are always when I can source last-minute goods for customers and our sales team. This makes me especially proud due to the fact of the seasonality of the merchandise department.

How I Make Winning Easy: Being innovative in game design ideas and the seasonality of the merchandise. Also, the time we spend customizing games for our customer helps distinguish us from our competitors.

Name: Mitch Shell
Title: Purchasing Manager
Years With LBC: 23 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: Overseeing the flow of products coming into our warehouses, then being moved to our sales reps trucks for delivery, all in a timely fashion. With all the products we offer, it can be challenging at times but with a great staff and communication we make it happen. If our customers succeed, then Lancaster Bingo succeeds. It's that simple.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: It's difficult to pin down to just one moment. There's our trade shows where I get to meet, talk and work with our customers and sales force one-on-one. This allows me to better assist the customer with some of their needs. At the end of the day, you walk away knowing you did what you could do to assist the charity. Another time our paper factory had a snafu and a customer's paper didn't make the shipping truck. I was able to have the paper come in the next day and I delivered the paper to our sales rep and customer who was several hours away. Taking several hours out of my day to deliver paper to an account so they could play that night was very satisfying.

How I Make Winning Easy: I always look at that I have two sets of customers: our external, which is the Charity, and my internal, which is the Lancaster Bingo Sales team. With me providing the right product needs to my internal customers, they in return can provide the proper products to our external customer.

Name: Madge Vail
Title: Regulatory Compliance Officer
Years With LBC: 16 years
Region: All

Most Enjoyable Part of Your Job: I enjoy most being able to learn about and then help our internal team understand the various rules and regulations that impact our customers and Lancaster Bingo. I also enjoy working with regulators to develop good relationships so that Lancaster's compliance efforts are understood and known. I enjoy this because I think it is good and important, big picture work that gives Lancaster and our customers an advantage.

Proudest Lancaster Bingo Moment: Whenever I can help a customer learn and understand is a good moment for me. There have been a few times when, as a team, we have worked hard to promote positive changes in the industry, whether through regulatory changes or other efforts, and when you see these efforts yield positive results for customers and for the industry, this is a good moment for sure.

How I Make Winning Easy: Well, I would say I make winning easy for our customers by being available to listen; by knowing where to go and who to contact to get answers on regulatory matters; by being responsive and sharing any concerns with our team; and by working hard to facilitate understanding and positive change.