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LBC Regulatory Compliance Update

Posted by on Dec. 09, 2013

Ohio Organizations wishing to renew their Bingo licenses should be in the process of applying for their 2014 licenses.  All applications are due by 12/31/13 in order for organizations to continue gaming in January.  Some changes this year include no longer submitting the Fundraising or Instant Bingo Contract for Type 3 license renewals.  You must, however, keep the contracts on file.  Also, you no longer need to submit a copy of your lease if the bingo property is rented, but, you do need to keep these on file as well.
All 2014 license applications must be submitted on-line by going to

HB 1098 was signed by the Governor on November 27, 2013. The major change in this bill is the allowance of small games of chance at taverns and other for-profit locations.  These locations will be charged 60% of the net profit on each game which will be remitted to the State and an additional 5% of the net profit will go to the host municipality for the location.   
HB 1098 also amends the definition of “major league sports team” and modifies how 50/50 Major League Sports Drawings are to be conducted.
In addition, this bill changes several things for club licensees.  Club licensees will now be able to keep 40% of proceeds for their operations, instead of the 30% in the prior legislation.  And, for small clubs, that have $40,000 or less in proceeds, these clubs will be able to keep the first $20,000 for their operations before applying the 60/40 split.  Also, clubs will now be required to report annually, instead of semi-annually.
You can read this language in HB 1098 by going here.

HB 290 was also signed by the Governor on November 27, 2013.  This bill adds new definitions and adds “Race night games” and “Pools” as permitted games of chance.  Prize limits are increased to $2000 for a single chance and $35,000 per week in aggregate prizes.  Raffle prize limits are increased as well.  Also, eligible organizations are now required to keep a record of the name and address of the winner when the prize exceeds $600 (instead of $100).  Annual license fees are increased to $125 and there is now an option to apply for a monthly license for $25.  There are several additional changes included in this bill.
Look for additional information on these changes.  Both bills are effective 60 days from the date the Governor signed the bills.

The Charitable Gaming Board has begun the process of adopting regulations to govern the new type of gaming, “Network Bingo”, adopted during the 2013 Legislative Session.  This new game will allow multiple organizations to join together simultaneously to play the same bingo game from different locations.  There is a public comment period that will run until December 4 after which the Department will develop proposed regulations to present to the Board.  You can find out more information by going to and looking for the “Charitable Gaming Regulations” tab.


Welcome to the new Lancaster Bingo Company website!

Posted by on Feb. 26, 2013

Welcome to the new! We are proud to present this updated online experience to you, and want to highlight some major changes that will help make winning easier in the future:

  • Improved Navigation and Product Pages: It’s now easier than ever for you to find and learn about the right gaming solutions for your organization.
  • More Accessibility: Any organization, either licensed or unlicensed, can create an account and begin purchasing unregulated products immediately.
  • Education and Help: We’ve created new instructional videos to help you improve your charitable gaming strategy.
  • A Better Way to Stay in Touch: Our customer contact forms have been updated for your convenience.
  • Some Great Rewards: Our licensed customers have access to a new reward center, where they can redeem points.
  • Additional Background Information: Want to know more about your Fundraising Coach? Learn about them in our new Bio section.
  • Get What You Need: You can check out (no pun intended) our faster, easier checkout system for both licensed and unlicensed customers.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a new website that reinforces our commitment to your organizations’ fundraising potential. Take a look around, let us know what you think and, most importantly, have fun!