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Bingo Paper 101

Capitol Plus paper

Capitol Plus paper gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to bingo paper! Like Capitol it comes in 6 different series and has 9,000 faces to each series. It comes packaged the same as Capitol paper.

But it’s also like our Unimax paper, with a half border design which makes the numbers appear larger plus it has standard color rotation so your players know what to expect. Capitol Plus also has one serial number per set to make tracking easier and verification simple.

Capitol Plus is available in a 24 on vertical, a 30 on vertical and a 36 on master sheet to help with all the cuts your bingo game will need. When using this paper you also won’t need a wax sheet so you’ll eliminate waste!

So when you need the versatility of more series but want to keep the rotation standard, use Capitol Plus and give your players what they want while making your volunteers job easier!

Capitol Plus Paper colors Capitol Plus Paper series chart

Unimax paper

Unimax paper is the most popular of our collated paper. With 8 different series, 4 of which are player preferred, there are plenty of choices so your bingo game will have less duplicate bingos.

Player preferred series have more action per game compared to regular bingo paper. On a 6 on vertical booklet, all 75 numbers appear at least once; on a 9 on they appear at least twice! With the player preferred series, you keep your players happier and more involved by adding action and excitement! Unimax paper comes in a standard color rotation so players will know what to expect. With the half border design the numbers appear larger, making them easier to read.

Another benefit to having Unimax paper as your main bingo paper is the one serial number per set. This makes tracking serial numbers easy and helps eliminate illegal paper. There also is no wax sheet so you’ll be eliminating excess waste!

Booklets are consecutively numbered for quick and accurate sales tracking. And with extra books in each set you’ll have more profit with each set you buy!

Unimax Paper border colors Unimax Paper series chart

We also carry matching straight goods in a 36,001-45,000 and 45,001-54000 series to complement your game. The same great colors are available.

Straight goods can be ordered loose or padded 25. The face size is 4” x 4”.

Unimax Paper available series chart

Capitol paper

Add innovative twists to your bingo game! With our Capitol paper you can create your own paper sequence or combination of colors and specialty papers. Capitol paper comes in border, tint and solid colors to give you a wide variety of ways you can create your booklets. You can also use patterns, specialty and novelty paper in your collation to make it unique for your bingo game.

Serial numbers for Capitol paper are different on each sheet so you would use the first sheet’s serial number to record for your entire set.

Capitol is also available in straight goods to complement your game. It is available in all the same great series and colors so you can add more revenue to your game by selling additional sheets to go along with your regular program.

Straight goods can be ordered loose or padded 25. The face size is 4” x 4”.

See our specialty bingo papers that can be collated by themselves or with the regular Capitol paper.

Capitol Paper colors Capitol Paper series chart

Unimax Spectrum

Unimax Spectrum paper is a unique collated paper that brings added excitement to your game. With 3 different prize levels on each sheet your players have the opportunity to win on any level.

Each tier has predetermined odds – 50% border, 33% green stripe and 17% red stripe. With a common serial number for the set, tracking is easier and gives you better security.

Unimax Spectrum series chart Unimax border colors

Player Preferred series is available with the 99,000 series so your players will have more dabs per game.

Standard border color rotation repeats after the 12th color.

Double Spectrum

Double Spectrum paper is designed to be used with standard rotation Unimax paper to create additional sales. Structure your initial buy-in packages to encourage sales.

Double Spectrum is available in striped borders in standard rotation and will repeat after the 12th color.

Double Spectrum series chart Double Spectrum border colors

Specialty Paper – Straight Goods and Collations

Barber Pole Paper

Barber Pole paper is great for special payout games, to use as additional buy in sheets for your regular bingo program or to collate with your special Capitol paper collation.

Border colors are available in 36,000-54,000 series while tint colors are available in 36,000 series. The face size is 4” x 4” making this great to collate with your regular booklets.

Barber Pole paper is available in player preferred series in the 45,000 and 54,000 series.

Barber Pole border colors Barber Pole series

Barber Pole paper is also available as single sheet paper either loose or padded.

Big Burst

Big Burst paper will give your players some “BIG” excitement! The letters “B”, “I” and “G” appear in bursts on every face so you can create new ways to play and give away special prizes!

Big Burst paper comes in two series are available – 45,000 and 54,000 - so one could be added to your collation and the other used in floor sales to increase your profits.

Big Burst paper is only available in blue.

Big Burst series chart

Big Burst paper is also available as single sheet paper either loose or padded.

Dab All 75

Dab All 75 paper lets your players do just what the name says – they can dab all 75 numbers!

On a 3 on vertical sheet all 75 numbers appear exactly one time so players will have fun dabbing with every number called. The free space square has a number in it also.

Dab All 75 paper can be used with your Capitol collations or is available in loose or padded to be played on its own.

Dab All 75 paper has a unique bingo face – it is not the same as Capitol paper.

Dab All 75 colors Dab All 75 series

Dual Dab

If you need a game for your early bird sessions that will play faster and have more excitement, Dual Dab paper will fit the bill!

Dual Dab paper is a unique paper that has 2 numbers in each square giving your players 2 chances to dab and win!

Due to Dual Dab sheets being a unique size – 6-3/8” x 8” – they cannot be collated with standard Capitol bingo paper. But with 6 different colors to choose from you can either collate for your early bird session or use them as single sheets in either loose or padded.

Dual Dab comes in 2 series 1-3,000 and 3,001-6,000.

Dual Dab colors Dual Dab series

EZ Read

Big and Bold! If that’s what you need then go with EZ Read!

EZ Read bingo paper is for when large numbers are required. Numbers are in bold print and larger than normal bingo paper to make them easier to see.

Due to the unique size of this paper, it cannot be collated with standard Capitol bingo paper.

EZ Read is available in 15 colors and 2 series. Create your own special collation or use as single sheets.

EZ Read colors EZ Read series

Pattern Paper

Add some fun and variety to your bingo night!

Quick Dab pattern paper is the same size – 4 x 4 – as regular bingo paper so it can be added to your collated booklets or used as straight good sheets for floor sales.

With pattern paper your players can play more faces since the numbers they need to dab can be found more easily.

Pattern paper is great for early bird or warm-up sessions. Even if they arrive late, your players will know instantly what the game pattern is and can quickly catch up.

Pattern Paper series

Pink Ribbon Paper

Help support breast cancer awareness with our Pink Ribbon paper.

Each 4 x 4 face has a pink border and a random pink ribbon printed on one of the numbers.

Because it is the same size as regular Capitol bingo paper you can put this in your collated bingo booklets or use it to up your floor sales for a special game.

Pink Ribbon series

Starburst Paper

Play your bingo game with a twist! A random starburst appears on one of the 24 numbers on our Capitol Starburst paper.

This paper can be collated into regular books or used as single sheets for special games.

You can use this paper in different ways – award your player a larger prize if they bingo on the starburst or use the starburst as a second free space. Whatever way you decide your players will love to see the star!

Starburst Paper colors Starburst Paper series

Red, White and Blue

Use our Red, White and Blue paper on patriotic holidays or just as a special game of your own.

This paper can be collated into your regular booklets or use as a special game with 3 different prize levels!

Also check out the USA paper to complement your Red, White and Blue game!

Red, White and Blue paper series

USA and 100 Game Paper

These games are great for jackpots, special games or patriotic events!

With preprinted patterns on the paper your players can play more faces which means more revenue for your charity!

Use in your regular collations or use as a special game to make your night more interesting.

USA Game paper series 100 Game paper series

Pushout Bingo Paper

Love to play bingo? Not always in a standard bingo setting? Then Pushout Bingo paper is perfect for you!

Pushout paper is made from an extra heavy stock of paper that is available either die cut or non die cut.

With the die cut Pushout paper you don’t need any daubers or markers, just push the tab back when you have the number. This makes them perfect for bus trips, cruises, and parties – anywhere you might not have a table setting.

The non die cut is best used when tables are available and you have either daubers or markers. Even though they are good for unique bingo settings they will still work great for your bingo hall.

This paper cannot be collated with standard Capitol bingo paper.

Pushout Bingo paper series Pushout Bingo paper colors

Horizon Paper

Horizon paper is a multi colored bingo sheet that can be used to create multiple prize levels for your game. There are 2 different color combinations – blue, yellow, green and yellow, green, red.

The border colored faces run horizontally across the sheet – a great benefit for vertical cuts!

Horizon paper can be used by itself or collated with your regular Capitol paper or other specialty paper.

Horizon paper series

Tear Opens

Tear Opens are a concealed bingo card with a blackout block to prevent cheating. They are great for linked and progressive games!

Casino Bingo Tear-Opens

Casino bingo tear opens are sealed bingo faces, either in a 1 face or a 3 on vertical face.

Actual face size: 4 7/8" H x 3 3/4" W

Casino tear opens can be sold before your regular session starts as a coverall. You can also have a “second chance” option to boost your sales: offer players the chance to trade in a sheet and buy two new sheets for the price of one.

Tear opens come in 7 colors – blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, red and purple. They are available in 4 series.

Casino Bingo Tear-Opens colors Casino Bingo Tear-Opens series

Casino Starburst Tear-Opens

Same great play as Casino Tear-Opens but with a twist! A starburst is randomly placed on each face to use for extra fun!

Use the starburst as an extra free space or play the game as usual but offer a bonus if your player bingos on the starburst.

Casino Starburst is available in 2 series – 36,001-45,000 and 45,001-54,000. Two colors are available – blue and red.

Pink Ribbon Casino Tear-Opens

Same great play as Casino Tear-Opens but help support a great cause at the same time!

Pink Ribbon Casino Tear-Opens show support for breast cancer awareness with their pink border and pink ribbon on the label.

Pink Ribbon Casino is available in 1-9,000 series.

Even Bettor Tear-Opens

Use Even Bettor for a fast play game. You don’t have to pre-call any numbers; all the odd numbers are already pre-dabbed.

Even Bettor Tear-Opens are available 3 different colors – 3 on vertical available in purple, 1 on faces available in green and blue.

Even Bettor Tear-Open colors and series

Surprize Bingo

Surprize Bingo has all the features of a tear-open but with a tear off sheet instead.

The tear off sheet matches the border color. Surprize bingo is available in 6 colors – blue, orange, green, yellow, red and purple. You can get a 1 on face or a 3 on vertical in either a 1-9,000 or 9,001-18,000 series.

So surprise your players with Surprize Bingo!

Surprize Bingo colors and series

Elvis Tear-Open Bingo Paper

Still love Elvis? Then Elvis Tear-Open Bingo Paper is just the thing.

Elvis paper comes in 2 different formats – a 3 on vertical format with 2 bingo faces and one of four different Elvis pictures; or a 1 on face with Elvis pictures across the top.

The 3 on vertical format has 1,000 tickets to a tray and 3 trays to a case. It is available in red in a 45,000 series.

The one on face has 1,000 tickets to a tray and 9 trays to a case. It is available in 2 colors – purple in a 36,000 series or green in a 54,000 series.

This paper is great for special Elvis events and theme nights.