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Promotional Ideas

Great games are ones that aren’t afraid to evolve over time. At Lancaster Bingo Company, we’re always looking for ways to help boost our clients’ games and promotions. Check out some of these ideas below.


  • Decorate with Christmas trees, manger scenes, Santas, snowmen, etc.
  • Have your operator dress up as Santa
  • Put Christmas candy on tables
  • Send out Christmas cards with coupons

Roulette Bingo

The amount of the prize is determined by under what letter the bingo is called on. For example B would pay $50, I would pay $75, N would pay $150, G would pay $75 and O would pay $50.

Envelope Night

Every player receives an envelope at admission. Each envelope contains a coupon for something free such as a drink, dauber, bag of popcorn, one pull tab, twenty pull tabs, a dauber bag, t-shirt, etc. One envelope has a coupon for $500.


  • Decorate with horns of plenty, turkeys, pilgrims
  • Give grocery store gift certificates or turkeys as door prizes
  • Have a canned-food drive all month
  • One frozen turkey, ten bowling pins, enough said.

Cultural Night

  • Workers and operator dress up in clothes from the chosen country
  • Decorate for the chosen country
  • Snack bar has food from the chosen country
  • Give away dinners from a restaurant serving food native to the chose country


  • Decorate with pumpkins, ghosts, witches, etc.
  • Place Halloween candy on the tables in Halloween cups
  • Host a Halloween costume contest
  • Workers and operator dress up

Old Movie Night

  • Workers and operator dress up
  • Decorate with old movie posters
  • Players dress up as a favorite old movie star
  • Hold a contest for best costume

Guess my Weight

During the fall season have a huge pumpkin and everyone gets a chance to guess the weight every time they come in. The winner will be the one closest without going over the weight. Have it weighed in pounds and ounces.

Labor Day

  • Decorate in autumn colors
  • Workers wear coveralls and hard hats

Beat the Clock

Similar to Pull Tab Frenzy where two players get to open tickets. The player who opens the most tickets or the player with the largest amount of winnings gets an additional prize.

Western Night

  • Workers and operator dress in western clothes
  • Hold a contest for best dressed
  • Teach players the two-step then have a dance off
  • Give away dinners at nice steakhouses
  • Give away Stetson cowboy hats and western clothes

Add’Em up Games

Incorporate within your game format or bingo program an Add’Em Up Letter “X” which will pay from $252 to $356 with an average of $300. Add’Em Up Outside Picture Frame will pay from $519 to $691. This will add variety and constant change to a given game. Players already know they have won but there is added suspense not knowing how much they have won until you announce the total.

Fourth of July

  • Decorate in red, white and blue
  • Put up flags
  • Give away summer stuff like lawn furniture, coolers, grills, fireworks, etc.

Clear Jar Guessing Game

Put money in a clear jar and have players guess how much is in it. This can be seasonal with jelly beans for Easter, Red Hots for the fourth of July, Indian corn for the fall, peppermint sticks for Christmas, etc. This promotion works best if you do over a length of time. Every time a player is there they get one guess. The player who guesses the closest without going over wins.

Father's Day

  • Give away a charcoal grill, tools, lawn furniture, etc.
  • Give away dinners to steakhouses

Jumpin’ Jackpot

Plan a progressive jackpot. Since most papers have three rows plan for three separate progressive jackpots. This will keep at least one jackpot at 56 numbers or more.

Nascar Theme

  • 500 Mile Race Day
  • Decorate with checkered flags and race cars
  • Give away Indianapolis speedway items
  • Give away black and white jewelry

Bring a Friend Night

Offer half-priced games for players who bring a friend.

Mother's Day

Give cash prizes for the oldest mom, the youngest, the one with the most children, the most grandchildren, etc.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide twelve eggs around the bingo hall. Have three players drawn from the door prize tickets to hunt for the eggs. One egg will have a big prize.

St. Patrick's Day

  • Decorate in green with shamrocks and leprechauns
  • Play tickets with emeralds, shamrocks or pots of gold on them
  • Encourage all players to wear green clothing
  • Hide a pot filled with gold chocolate coins or real coins somewhere in the hall. Have three players drawn from the door prize to hunt for the pot o' gold!
  • Serve potatoes, cabbage and corned beef

Sell Merchandise

A lot of people may be walking out of your bingo game a loser. If you sell merchandise games, this will help more people walk out with something in their hands. Not all merchandise players are pull tab players.

Hot Seat

Before the bingo players arrive to play bingo, ask a new volunteer to pick a chair and give them an envelope with money in it to put under the seat of the chair.

Being that the volunteer is new, they will not know where people customarily sit so their choice will be completely random.

Have the volunteer pay the patron whatever cash prize was decided upon.

Valentine's Day

  • Decorate in red with hearts everywhere!
  • Giveaway a "sweetheart" trip to Florida, or a nearby bed & breakfast.
  • Put candy on the tables.
  • Recognize the players who have been married for 10 and 25-plus years by having them come forward.

November Promotion

  • Decorate the hall with gourds, turkeys and pilgrims
  • Give grocery store gift cards or turkeys as door prizes

Trash to Treasure

Set up a small trash can where players can drop in their losing tickets with their name on it. Collect the losing tickets for a number of sessions.

On the predetermined bingo session draw 5 to 10 tickets and give out cash prizes.

The winners must be present that night to win. This promotion attracts the ticket buyers and is an excellent promotion to have drawn on the third week of the month.

10X Pay!

Pick one (or two) bingo games off of the program and announce that you're playing 10X Pay. Whatever number the player Bingo's on, they win 10 times that number.

Fifty Cent Night

  • Charge 50¢ per face on paper packages
  • Run 50¢ instants and seal games
  • charge 50¢ for all concessions

Door Prizes

It gives you a brief moment to personally congratulate players to thank them for coming to your bingo hall. The player will appreciate the recognition that you personally give them. Give every bingo player a dauber. Put door prizes in the cap, like  soft drink companies do.

Taking Out the Trash Night

Operator gets 7 to 10 paper bags and fills them with daubers, instants, coupons and small prizes. Draw tallies from the door and have those players come up and pick a prize out of the brown bag.

Promote Spending

Always pay the seal winners in small bills. The more small bills you have on the floor, the faster the players will turn them.

“Super size” your bingo specials, bingo packages and Bonanzas!

Hat Day

Encourage your players to wear a hat to the next bingo session. Have a contest for the best hat.

Hawaiian Luau

  • Workers and operator dress in grass skirts and leis, Hawaiian shirts and straw hats
  • Teach  players to hula and have a content
  • Have a limbo contest
  • Give leis to each player and greet them with Aloha
  • Serve beverages with umbrella straws
  • Decorate with coconuts and leis and hibiscus flowers