About Us

In 1983, Mark Sells had a vision for a company that was completely devoted to helping charitable organizations reach their full income potential by running bingo games and other charitable gaming activities. The result? Lancaster Bingo Company was born.

Since the delivery truck method for food, soft drinks and restaurant supplies worked so well, Mark decided to use that tried-and-true method for gaming supplies. He wanted to provide charities with the just-in-time cost savings that other industries enjoy, and thus encourage their success.

And so, The Bingo Store on Wheels™ started rolling.

Our main headquarters is located at 200 Quarry Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

Lancaster Bingo Today

With 30 years of experience, Lancaster Bingo Company is the first name in bingo and charitable gaming. Located in Lancaster, Ohio, Lancaster Bingo is also the largest distributor of the pull-tab games. How large are we? Players ask for us by name.

As a full-service charitable gaming company, Lancaster Bingo helps organize your games from the ground up and teaches you how to get and, most importantly, keep players! Our dedicated and knowledgeable Fundraising Coaches will help you select the best games for you, and always offer new product suggestions on how to improve your efforts. We will also help you sort through all the rules and regulations required by your state and ensure your game runs as smoothly as possible.

Whatever you need, Lancaster Bingo Company is here to help! Give us a call today.

Lancaster Bingo Company has helped customers raise more than $400,000,000 for charity and give out more than $100,000,000 to players!

Our Customers

We recognize that we have internal and external customers. Our internal customers are our employees. Our external customers are those who can legally purchase and pay for products and services, the end users (or players), our vendors and regulators.