About Us

Company Mission

In 1983, Mark Sells had a vision for a company that was completely devoted to helping charitable organizations reach their full income potential by running bingo games and other charitable gaming activities. The result? Lancaster Bingo Company was born.

Since the delivery truck method for delivering milk and fresh produce had worked well for the Sells family farm, Mark decided to use that tried-and-true method for gaming supplies. He wanted to provide charities with the just-in-time cost savings that other industries enjoy, and thus encourage their success. And so, The Bingo Store on Wheels™ was born.

Our main headquarters is located at 200 Quarry Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

Lancaster Bingo Today

With more than 30 years of experience, Lancaster Bingo Company is the first name in bingo and charitable gaming. Located in Lancaster, Ohio, Lancaster Bingo also distributes supplies in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Illinois. Lancaster Bingo is also the largest distributor of charitable gaming supplies in the United States. Our goal has never been to be the biggest distributor, just the best distributor.

As a full-service charitable gaming company, Lancaster Bingo helps organizations raise much needed funds by recommending the right products and services and, most importantly, keep players! Whatever you need, Lancaster Bingo Company is here to help!

Lancaster Bingo Company has helped customers raise more than $1,000,000,000. That’s a billion dollars for charities!

The Lancaster Bingo Company Vision

The Work of LBC:

LBC is the leader in providing the highest level of customer service in charitable gaming. Our employees are ethical and sales driven. We are performance, profit, and people oriented. We maintain our leadership role in the industry by:

  • Being The Bingo Store on Wheels
  • Providing new/innovative products
  • Increasing customer profits through education and training
  • Providing a positive image of charitable gaming and our customer’s contributions to society.

The Customers of LBC:

LBC recognizes that we have internal and external customers. Our internal customers are our employees. Our external customers are those who can legally purchase and pay for products and services,the end user (players), our vendors and regulators.

The Culture of LBC:

  • Family Type Environment
  • Encourages Teamwork
  • Fosters a Learning Environment
  • Encourages Open Communication with Respect for Others
  • Grows Profitably and Produces a Fair Return to the Shareholder
  • Promotes Ethical Behavior, Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty to the Company.
  • Supports Personal and Professional Growth
  • We Work Smart
  • We Have Fun!!!


Our main headquarters is located at 200 Quarry Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.