My LBC Points Program Rules


Charitable and certain other organizations may enroll in the My LBC Points Program as a Member by completing the Organization's Membership Application in its entirety. By completing and using the Program, the organization agrees to the present and future Rules of the My LBC Points Program. An organization's Membership is nontransferable and may not be combined with other Members. However, all accounts of one organization may be combined.

Failure to provide all of the information required on the Organization's Membership Application could delay Membership and earning of points.

Distributors and manufacturers of gaming products and their employees, along with Lancaster Bingo Company and its affiliated organizations and their employees, and organizations with Lancaster Bingo Company employees as its members may not be eligible to participate in the My LBC Points Program.


As a Member of My LBC Points Program, the organization will earn 1 point for each $1 of its consumable, electronic gaming and equipment purchases with Lancaster Bingo Company after enrollment as a Member. The organization's points will be posted online in its password protected online account at

The organization may earn additional points from time to time by purchasing certain promotional products, ordering online, or attending trade shows as posted on our website at

Amounts invoiced for excise, sales, use and related taxes, service calls and charges, and fuel surcharges are excluded from this Program. Other exclusions may apply.

Points under this Program have no cash value and are not transferable to another organization or individual.


Points are only redeemable for products online in the My LBC Points Catalog section of our website at To redeem points, the organization must be current with payment terms on its account with LBC, have current applicable gaming licenses and tax exemptions on file (if required), have an active membership status and have current information on its Organization's Membership Application. Other rules may apply. Points redeemed for products will be delivered by the organization's salesperson on their normal delivery date. A “no charge” invoice to the organization will document the redemption at time of delivery. Sales and other taxes on the product, if any, are the responsibility of the organization. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery on some products.

All product orders are subject to product availability. The organization will be notified if the item it has ordered is not available and if and when it will become available. We will deliver the model shown on our website or the most current model available. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value.

Some states do not permit products received at no charge to be used as prizes in the conduct of a bingo game. In addition, some states may have laws that govern the organization's usage of products redeemed under this program. We are not responsible for an organization's use of any products in violation of applicable laws. Please consult with legal counsel to discuss the rules and applicable laws in the organization's area.

The Virginia Department of Charitable and Regulatory Programs requires your organization to utilize the item(s) or product(s) awarded to you on behalf of your organization only. The item(s) awarded may not be provided to an individual. The Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs requires you to maintain documentation to ensure any item(s) awarded to you is used for the benefit of all of your members or for allowable use of proceeds or gaming expenses. You can expect to be audited by the Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs and to be required to provide documentation as to the final use of this item(s).


Each organization is responsible to review its account for points earned and other activity online at Also, please call toll free 1-800-866-5001 to talk to your organization's customer service partner or you may call the salesperson on your organization's account. Please email us at or mail us at:

Lancaster Bingo Company, LLC.
P. O. Box 668
200 Quarry Rd
Lancaster, OH 43130-0668

By becoming a Member, the organization agrees to receive advertising, promotional material and other communication including email from LBC. Lancaster Bingo Company may, at any time, cancel or modify My LBC Points program and/or its program rules without further obligation to its members. The organization may cancel its membership at any time by contacting us.

None of the information we collect shall be shared or sold to other parties.

This program and its terms and conditions are subject to all applicable laws and government regulations. This program and/or point rewarding or redeeming is void where prohibited by law. This program and its rules shall be governed by Ohio law. Any disputes arising from this program or its rules shall be brought in an Ohio court and be subject to Ohio law.