The Next Generation Industry Gold Standard

Nevada Gold II

Fastest Ticket Dispenser in the World!

Nevada Gold ® II dispensers are available in a variety of configurations with amazing features and optional accessories.

Improved Performance and Design:

  • New sleek and modern cabinet design
  • Easy upgrade from 4 column to 8 column in your venue
  • 10x faster bill acceptor
  • Formatted financial and event reports
  • Play all multiple tickets and randomize
  • Removable ticket columns for easy maintenance
  • Lithium-Ion battery back-up
  • Play down credits in event of power outage
  • Enhanced cabinet lighting
Nevada Gold II - 8 column

The next generation of the fastest, and most reliable pull tab ticket dispenser in the industry. The Nevada Gold ® II improved player features include: multiple tickets in the same column, random ticket play, and faster bill acceptor. The improved operator features include removable columns for maintenance, upgraded reporting, auto first ticket advance and easy expansion from a 4-column to 8-column machine.

Nevada Gold II - 4 column

Nevada Gold ® II features demo: