Tab Wizard ®

Tab Wizard® Features:

  • Touch screen cash register system
  • Total accountability to your pull tab sales
  • Assists with inventory tracking
  • Allows organization to meet state reporting requirements
  • Provides features and reports to evaluate, modify and manage your pull tab operation
  • USB downloading for LBC sales
  • Timely Reports that eliminates the need for dead game service
  • Audit functions that pinpoint where shortages occur
  • Profit analysis reports that evaluates all aspects of your operation

Tab Wizard

Cash Wizard™ Features:

  • Print receipts sent to the bar or kitchen
  • Easy to use food and beverage system that is affordable, dependable and that provides inventory tracking
  • Brings to your food and beverage operation the same state-of-the-art technology that made Tab Wizard® the number one selling pull tab management system in America

Cash Wizard